The.pk domain registration presents your link to Pakistani culture and makes a commitment to providing Pakistan’s best internet experience. The .pk domain name allows your website to stand out in a sea of online content because it is professional, short and memorable. Pakistani Internet users are hoping to view .pk domain name website addresses when browsing online. No matter if you're a Pakistani local, a small business owner, a doctor, an astronaut who likes to surf the net freely, a.pk domain name suits your needs. You can be listed higher in local search results and in the center of the locals with a .pk domain name.

Your domain name on the Internet is your exclusive identity. Any person, company or organization that plans to have an Internet presence should invest in a domain name. Having your own domain name, website, and email address will give you and your company a more professional look. Another justification for a company to register a domain name is to protect copyrights and trademarks, create creditworthiness, increase brand recognition, and position the search engine.

Structure of .PK Domain Name:
All new domains registered under. PK must belong to second-level or third-level domains.
Applications for these domains must comply with the PKNIC Registration Policy Agreement in addition to the criteria set out below. These terms and conditions shall apply in the event of any discrepancy between the PKNIC registration policy and the relevant terms and conditions of the domain listed below.

The maximum length of the domain name is 62 characters and the maximum length is 66 characters including the.pk suffix.For second-level .PK domains, the minimum length for the domain name, except the.pk part, is four characters. The name of the four characters before.pk cannot start with one of the second level sub-domains of PKNIC (e.g. com, net, org, gov, gop, etc.). For example these domain names are not acceptable: coms.pk, comm.pk, nets.pk, net2.pk, govs.pk, etc.

.PK Domain Registration, FAQs:
Here are few now & then asked queries related to .PK domain registration.

How to Search for the.Pk Domain availability?

The .pk domain availability for registration can be searched for on the PKNIC website. You can use the Whois look tool on the PKNIC website to verify availability.

Can .Pk Domain Names be edited after registration?
No. Once registered,.pk domain names cannot be edited or renamed. No such facility is offered by any of the domain registrars.

What data is required for registration of .Pk domain?

Client Name, Email ID, Phone Number and Address are required to register. PK domain names. However, in the case of government domain names and the.edu.pk domain, you are expected to include certain documents. You can search the details of the PKNIC website.

Time Needed to Propagate. Pk Domains?
If the registration process for the. PK domain is complete, you will need 24-48 hours before the domain is fully propagated online.


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